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Informed EMS Field Guide: Advanced Life Support artworkInformed EMS Field Guide: Advanced Life Support
Informed Publishing

Price: $9.99
Release Date: June 02, 2010

Brand New Interactive Edition!

We have listened to our user feedback and the new interactive app is more accessible than ever:

* Quick navigation to critical information
* Custom bookmarks let you quickly return to your favorite pages
* Search capability
* Add notes to a page
* Calculators

The original EMS Field Guide® from Informed Publishing—the trusted leader in emergency reference information since 1986 —is now available as an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Twenty-three years after publication, the EMS Field Guide remains the most widely-used reference in EMS history. Carried in the pockets, phones and emergency vehicles of millions of first responders, this is the guide EMS Magazine calls “the original and still the best.”

The EMS Field Guide app puts critical information at your fingertips with rich content, detailed illustrations and pioneering features. This app is available in two editions— Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic & Intermediate Life Support (BLS)—designed specifically to correspond with each tier of EMT certification and practice, so you know you have the right tool for your job.

The Advanced Life Support (ALS) app equips the Paramedic or EMT-P to triage and address trauma. It provides fast, easy access to vital assessment information, medications, and drug doses; quick interpretation of 12-Lead EKGs; and the latest CPR and ACLS algorithms from the American Heart Association (AHA). The ALS app is also suitable for Intermediates whose practice orders require a more detailed understanding of these topics.

Powered by Jive Media, this app includes free content updates for the life of the edition.

** All users of the previous PDF version of the app are entitled to a free upgrade. Instructions will arrive as an update to the PDF app.


“The EMS Field Guide by Informed is probably the most popular pocket reference guide carried on ambulances across the country.”

“I love your guides. I’ve been a paramedic for 25 years and your ALS guides are the best source of reliable on-scene information.”

“This is a great review tool as well as a resource.”

“…Highly recommended in some of my advanced cardiac life support training courses.”

“One of the best things a paramedic can have. A cheat sheet for the things you may not always remember.”


* Current ACLS Algorithms
* 12-Lead EKG Section & Acute MI
* Airway Management / RSI
* Top Prescription Drugs
* Emergency & ACLS Drugs
* IV Drips, Drug Infusions, Dosages
* Poisons & Overdose / “Rave” Drugs
* Medical Emergencies Section
* Fibrinolytics for AMI & Stroke / CVA
* Childbirth, Diabetic, Respiratory Distress
* Pediatric Resuscitation, Drug Doses, Vitals
* Trauma, Triage, MCI, Glasgow Coma Scales
* Burn Charts, the “Rule of 9s”
* Pulse Oximetry, Infectious Diseases
* Quick EMS Spanish Translations
* Lab Values, Metrics, Notes


Informed Publishing offers a full product line of references for the medical and first response markets, as well as a consumer line for home and family emergency preparedness. Informed references are available in a variety of formats: pocket-size print guides, PDF editions and now, apps for the iPhone & iPod Touch. Learn more at

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For questions, comments, or suggestions concerning this guide, contact Informed® Publishing at

© 2010 Informed Publishing


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