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OnePath Gaucher artworkOnePath Gaucher
Shire HGT

Price: Free
Release Date: May 11, 2010

OnePath Gaucher application, provided by Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Inc., is another tool to help facilitate comprehensive and individualized support for patients and families managing type 1 Gaucher disease.

OnePath Gaucher application Educates, Enables, Empowers and Connects:
- OnePath News: Educates the patient about the latest breakthroughs and news articles related to Gaucher disease
- OnePath Cal: Enables the patients to manage their appointments in a calendar that is specifically for Gaucher patients
- iGau: Empowers the patients by providing ways to track their therapeutic goals and keep Gaucher related records. iGau makes it easy for the patients to track how they are doing
- OnePath Support: Connects the patients with OnePath case managers. Case managers have access to many important resources. Please visit to know more about ways in which case managers can help

About Gaucher Disease:

Gaucher disease is a rare inherited disorder that affects specific cells and organs in the body. The areas most affected include the spleen, liver, and bones. A fatty substance, known as glucocerebroside, begins to accumulate inside the cells in these areas when a specific enzyme, named glucocerebrosidase, is unable to break down glucocerebroside. Glucocerebrosidase is either missing, is produced by the body in only small amounts, or is unable to function properly.

Managing Gaucher Disease:

Today, there is a range of therapeutic options available to treat type 1 Gaucher disease and its symptoms. Several therapies are intended to target the biochemical process of Gaucher disease. Also, options are available or are being developed for treating symptoms of the disease, such as pain, anemia, and joint problems.

There is no cure for Gaucher disease, but ongoing research continues into new therapeutic approaches. As always, you will want to talk with your doctor or other healthcare professionals to learn more about your treatment options and to decide what is appropriate for you, your child, or family member.

How to get more information:

For more information on Gaucher disease, please contact your doctor.

If you are interested in educational information and other information about Gaucher Disease as it becomes available, please contact OnePath at 1-866-888-0660 or register at

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