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E*Value PxDx Case Logger artworkE*Value PxDx Case Logger

Price: $9.99
Release Date: December 28, 2009

The PxDx Case Logger™ application is designed to complement all web users of the E*Value healthcare education solution.

PxDx Case Logger™ for the iPhone is used within various healthcare education and clinical settings. Core users include residents, as well as physician assistant, pharmacy, nursing and medical students wanting to quickly and easily track their clinical experiences. PxDx Case Logger™ allows you to quickly log real and simulated patient encounters, procedures and diagnoses at rotation sites, without accessing your computer.

Customized to fit the unique needs of each healthcare education program, PxDx Case Logger™ helps ensure clinical documentation requirements are met. Preceptors at each site review, sign-off and assign privileges to students. After the data is synced back to the E*Value™ web interface, students, preceptors and clinical directors manage log, count, patient mix & privilege reports in real-time.

PxDx Case Logger™ functionality for the iPhone includes:
* Log lab events, procedures, diagnoses, interventions, diseases, and drug-related problems
* Log experience details, such as patient demographics and setting details
* Support supervisor sign-off and validation processes
* Easy sync process to E*Value web interface for full reporting

The PxDx Case Logger™ for the iPhone is not a free-standing application, and is intended for users of E*Value™, a leading web-based software platform for healthcare education schools and colleges. More information available at www.e-value.net

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