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Blausen Endocrine Atlas artworkBlausen Endocrine Atlas
Blausen Medical Communications, Inc.

Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 25, 2009

Now available, the Blausen Endocrine Atlas provides a comprehensive set of endocrine-related 3D animations, detailing 10 conditions and procedures. Whether endocrine specialist, general practitioner, student or consumer, this is an ideal resource for communicating core concepts, right in the palm of your hand and right at point of care. Derived from the Blausen Medical award winning, world's largest medical animation library, the animations (each approximately 1-2 minutes in length) serve as an ideal starting point for patient understanding.

"A must have for healthcare providers... Quite simply, we found the videos to be brilliant... A vast library of medical information... the Medical Glossary is a great feature." Mobihealthnews

NOTE: The 10 videos in the Endocrine Atlas are already included in the Human Atlas. If you already have the Human Atlas, you do not need to purchase this Atlas.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that if you have previously purchased any Blausen Medical Atlas app, be sure to use the "In App Purchase" option within that app for purchasing additional Blausen Atlases. The content is the same and you will avoid being charged twice.


Used as a complement to academic learning tools, the app can accelerate and reinforce understanding and comprehension of endocrine-related conditions and procedures.

In addition to the 10 endocrine-related 3D animation videos, the new Blausen Endocrine Atlas includes:

- 360 degree rotatable 3D Human Figures showing nine full body systems, e.g. circulatory, muscular, nervous, etc.
- Searchable medical glossary, cross referenced to the endocrine-related animations, images and definitions
- Detailed still images derived from the animations


* Adrenal Corticosteroids
* Diabetes Medication
* Diabetes
* Diabetic Nephropathy
* Diabetic Neuropathy
* Diabetic Retinopathy
* Gestational Diabetes
* Insulin Delivery
* Thyroid Disease
* Thyroid Medication

As a mobile means of patient education, the Blausen Endocrine Atlas has no equal in information quality, scientific accuracy or ease of use. It is a dynamic way to help alleviate fear and concerns by simply explaining and showing, in 3D animation, the basic anatomy and physiology as it relates to endocrine-related conditions and treatments. In the hands of professionals, students or consumers, it is an educational tool that goes well past static illustrations, bringing core concepts to life and accelerating understanding.

Coming soon: Additional individual atlases (15 total) and language versions (13 total)

Portions of this application developed by CodeMorphic.

© 2009 Blausen Medical Communications, Inc.


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