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Pocket Lab Values artworkPocket Lab Values
Joefrey Kibuule

Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 20, 2009

iOS 4 multitasking and iPhone 4 high resolution support coming soon!
Pocket Lab Values is the perfect companion for medical students, residents, doctors, nurses, and other additional medical staff while working in a hospital, lab, or private practice. It provides quick access to common lab values, important clinical information, critical lab values, differential diagnoses, tube colors, useful websites, and easy access to related lab values as well.

More than 230+ common values are included in an ever expanding list:

+ Cardiology - 9 Labs
+ Cerebrospinal Fluid - 8 Labs
+ Drug Levels - 26 Labs
+ Electrolytes - 30 Labs
+ Endocrinology - 37 Labs
+ Hematology - 41 Labs
+ Immunology - 20 Labs
+ Lipid Panel - 8 Labs
+ Liver Function Tests - 12 Labs
+ Oncology - 8 Labs
+ Renal - 19 Labs
+ Respiratory - 8 Labs
+ Toxicology - 7 Labs

As always, if there's an important lab value you feel is missing, please contact me at medplusapps@gmail.com and I'll add it as soon as possible!


Note #1: The information included in this application is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with a medical professional before making decisions based information included in this application.

Note #2: All lab values are for adult age (18+) patients unless stated otherwise.

Note #3: Access to online sites requires an active Internet connection (3G or WiFi).

© 2010 Joefrey Kibuule


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