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Speed Bones Lite artworkSpeed Bones Lite
Benoit Essiambre

Price: Free
Release Date: April 21, 2009

How fast can you point to your Sacrum, Sternum or Ilium?? Speed Bones Lite is an addictive game that tests your knowledge of bones.

"For just 99 cents, much less than a Medical Degree, Speed Bones is a fantastic game that contains dozens of images and helps you learn as you play."

"Speed Bones MD is a lot of fun and a cheap way to learn a bit about the 200 bones or more that make up your very own skeleton"

"I wish I had this app available when I was a first year medical student."

"Speed Bones MD is a great app for anyone on the high school, university, or medical school level who is seriously, or casually interested in learning about the skeleton and its many mysteries"

"Speed Bones Lite is the perfect learning alternative to boring flash cards"-Sara Haley

-Contains dozens of images.
-Earn points for precision.
-Bonus points for time.
-Bonus points for more than 5 right answers in a row.
-Compare high scores with your friends.
-A magnifying glass appears when holding your finger on an image allowing you to achieve more precision and higher scores!

This is a must have game if you are tackling anatomy for high school, university or medical school. It is more captivating than flashcards and practice mode allows you to learn specific regions without doing all the previous levels. Review mode lets you replay all the mistakes you' made in the last game to facilitate learning.

I'm open to suggestions so don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if you find something is missing or not right in the game.

Also try Speed Anatomy, Speed Bones MD, Speed Muscles MD and for the circulatory system, Speed Angiology MD!

Speed Bones MD includes French and Japanese translations.
Speed Muscles MD includes French and Japanese translations.

Only the free version has advertisements (provided by google).

© 2009 Benoit Essiambre


Take a Spin

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Warplanes: How The Bone Beat The BUFF
Strategy Page
The next most prolific bomber is the F-15E, which could be called “B-1 lite” because the F-15E is a bomber version of the F-15 fighter and can stay in the air nearly as long as a B-1B and carries over six tons of smart bombs. F-15Es flew 20 ... But ...


Mon, 23 May 2016 03:22:37 GMT

– WWE World Heavyweight Title Extreme Rules Match: Champion Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles @ 22:13 via pin ...
Miz then picked the bones, pinning Cesaro to retain. The style of win fits the Miz character perfectly, while the obsession that Owens ... It feels like this should be a serious match, but as I mentioned, this is built off of killing a plant and ...

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Review: Beyoncé Is the Rightful Heir to Michael Jackson and Prince on 'Lemonade'
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Anybody who didn't crack several grins first time they heard “Formation” may need their funny bones reset. For a black woman from Texas to fully access her ... Expect the BeyHive's warp-speed cadre of Black academic scholar-aesthetes to exegete the ...

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Tue, 19 Apr 2016 14:38:44 GMT

'WWE Raw': AJ Styles' Clash Is Just the Beginning
That was but one of many crowd-pleasing concessions to the U.K. audience, who proved that they're as up to speed with the recent influx of NXT rookies as any red-blooded Midwest American crowd. On the flipside, they ... The smiling, the squash matches ...

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Wed, 04 May 2016 23:29:29 GMT


KENTUCKY DERBY 142: Nyquist draws 13 post as early 3-1 favorite
All the speed is on the outside, so there will probably be two different races going on." Speedster Danzing Candy drew the No. 20 post on the far outside. Hall of Fame rider Mike Smith will be gunning his horse to gain the lead before the chaotic first ...

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Thu, 14 Apr 2016 13:41:23 GMT

Baltimore Sun

Points South Latin Kitchen feels like a fit in Fells Point
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Beer isn't forgotten, with selections like Lagunitas IPA, Tecate, Miller Lite and Raven Special Lager. Don't be ... The lamb ribs were meaty bones draped in a piquant barbecue-like coating and dotted with garlic chips and slivers of spring scallions ...

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Fri, 06 May 2016 20:02:54 GMT

Cops seize AR-15, "military" grade bullets in Paterson, cops say
At the scene, the resident pointed out where the assault rifle was hidden. Police recovered the weapon which was equipped with a tactical sight and light. Speziale did not disclose where exactly the gun was found. Under N.J. State law AR-15's are legal ...

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Wed, 24 Feb 2016 17:53:04 GMT

Buffalo News

St. Bonaventure's Sister Margaret Carney reveals cancer diagnosis
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“This will cause me to slow my 80 mph daily speed to a more respectable 55 mph! It will also cause me to make ... The cancer, called multiple myeloma, causes abnormal plasma cells to collect in bones and bone marrow, she said. “It will come as no ...

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