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100 SciFi Stories artwork100 SciFi Stories
288 Vroom LLC.

Price: $0.99
Release Date: December 21, 2009

CURRENTLY 100 STORIES – ALL SCI-FI (with more on the way)

100 SciFi Stories is a huge library of out of this world Science Fiction stories you will love and ONLY SciFi. Packed with currently 100 stories (and more on the way) including Short Stories, Novelettes, and Full-Length Novels, 100 SciFi Stories will keep you reading for light years to come.


- Extensive and expanding library of Science Fiction Stories
- Short Stories, Novelettes, and Full-Length Novels
- Easy to use and great looking, but creepy interface
- Adjustable story text size
- 2 scrolling modes – Continuous and Page by Page
- Automatically bookmarks each story as needed
- ALL future updates, including story additions, are included with initial purchase

**Here’s just a sample of some of the authors and their stories:

- Edwin L. Arnold (Gulliver of Mars)
- Arthur J. Burks (Lords of the Stratosphere)
- Edgar Rice Burroughs (The Land That Time Forgot, The Gods of Mars, and more)
- Ray Cummings (Beyond the Vanishing Point)
- Thorton DeKy (The Ultimate Experiment)
- Charles W. Diffin (The Hammer of Thor, The Moon Master, and more)
- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (The Lost World)
- Sophie Wenzel Ellis (Creature of the Light)
- Paul Ernst (Marooned Under The Sea)
- Gordon Randall Garrett (Damned If You Don’t, A Spaceship Named McGuire)
- George Griffith (A Honeymoon in Space)
- D. W. Hall (Werewolves of War)
- Edmond Hamilton (The Man Who Saw The Future, and more)
- Franz Kafka(Metamorphosis)
- David Carpenter Knight (The Love of Frank Nineteen)
- Murray Leinster (The Fifth-Dimension Catapult)
- Robert H. Leitfred (Prisoners on the Electron)
- A. T. Locke (Vandals of the Stars)
- Captain S. P. Meek (The Attack From Space, The Black Lamp, and more)
- Anthony Pelcher (Vampire of Venus, and more)
- Ross Rocklynne (Sorry: Wrong Dimension)
- Victor Rousseau (The Atom-Smasher)
- R. F. Starzl (The Planet Of Dread)
- Jules Verne (Mysterious Island)
- H. G. Wells (The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds)

© 2009 288 Vroom LLC


Take a Spin

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