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ACT Math Lite artworkACT Math Lite

Price: Free
Release Date: June 15, 2010

This app is a lite version of 'ACT Math Aptitude'. 'ACT Math Aptitude' has 800+ questions (incl. 6 one hour 35 q quiz) with step-by-step solution for each.

Topic includes: numbers, sequence & series, linear & quadratic equations, percent, statistics, motion, work, ratio, variation, age, mixtures, cost, average, coins, fractions, profit and loss, co-ordinate geometry, area & perimeter, Set Theory, interest, probability.

Topics are provided with formula listing, quick tips, fundamental approach and shortcuts.

This application is NOT just a question bank. It take your preparation to next level by providing effective tools to monitor performance, review questions you answered wrong or group question to revisit later.

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- Quality questions covering all facets.
- Practice questions and examples by topics with step-by-step solution.
- Quizzes with various difficulty levels.
- Fundamentals, Tips and Formula listing for each topic.
- Ability to save quiz for later review.
- Facility to group questions. Question groups can be 'Tricky questions', 'Tough questions' etc.
- Easy to use and effective user Interface.
- No Wi-Fi or Data Connection required

Quiz Feature :
- Timer helps simulate realistic exam.
- Ability to pause/save quiz to resume at a later time.
- Ability to save finished quiz and scorecard for later review.
- Quizzes with various difficulty levels
- Summary gives you a birds-eye view of all questions. Jump to any question from question picker.
- Step by Step solution of all question.
- Ability to restart completed quiz.

Score Card features :
- Provide time spent on each question.
- Score card, along with its graphical view, helps review your performance.
- Provides all other obvious score data.

Topic feature :
- Formula listing and fundamental approach provided for each topic
- Short-cut, Quick-tips and operations
- Examples are provided for each topic and short-cuts.
- Instant validation of Practice questions and examples.

Topics Covered :
1) Numbers & Fractions
2) Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence
3) Simplification & Coins
4) LInear and Quadratic Equations
5) Percent
6) Motion
7) Work
8) Ratio & Variation
9) Age
10) Mixtures
11) Cost (Profit and Loss)
12) Co-ordinate Geometry
13) Area and Perimeter
14) Set Theory (counting)
15) Statistics (mean, mode, median, Std Deviation)
16) Probability
17) Simple and Compound Interest

ACT is a registered trademark of ACT Inc. ACT Inc neither sponsors nor endorses this product or any of its content.
There may be a possibility of some bugs, inaccuracies or typographical errors for which the owner cannot be held liable.
The owner can make changes or modifications including deletions to the contents, the product and software given here at any time without notice.

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Take a Spin

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