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BabyTalk – The Video Guide for New Parents artworkBabyTalk – The Video Guide for New Parents
Magnicode Inc.

Price: $1.99
Release Date: June 02, 2010

Parents need  answers to their questions on baby and postpartum care 24 hours a day. BABYTALK is that vital resource for new mothers (and fathers), health educators, and even grandparents, not only telling them what to do but showing them "how to" do it.

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“This really is a great video. It’s used in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to educate new parents.”
Robyn L., RN, MSN, PNP,
Oakland Children’s Hospital

“The best teaching about newborns I’ve ever seen in a video.”
Margie Schulman, M.D., Dir. Of Newborn Services
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY

BABY TALK is designed to provide answers to all the questions new mothers have as they go about the daily business of caring for their newborn and themselves. It is a live action video and about an hour long.

Unlike other iTunes apps, BABY TALK is NOT a chart or game, or a list of dry facts. BABY TALK is a warm, engaging video that combines hands-on practical information and helpful demonstrations with the emotional support that can be so helpful during those first few months.

There are easy to follow demonstrations of bathing, diapering, breast and bottle feeding, and comforting a crying baby. It shows you the different types of baby personalities and how to best interact with your baby, as well as explaining when to call the doctor, how to care for your body and yourself, and much, much more.

Below is a fuller list of topics covered in the 10 chapters. There are also interviews with new moms and dads who talk about their feelings, the problems they faced, and what worked for them. BABY TALK is especially helpful for new dads, showing them how they can share in baby care.

Introduction: New parents describe how having a baby has changed their lives. TV stars Jean Smart and Richard Gilliland act as hosts and introduce the 10 chapters.

Chapter 1. Looking At Your Newborn - Bumps on the nose - Stork Bites, Angel Kisses, Mongolian Spots - Jaundice - Acne and rashes - Head molding and bruises – Hair: scalp and body – Eye: color, puffiness and crossed eyes - Bowed legs

Chapter 2. Basic Baby Care - A complete bath demonstration with shampooing, massage and baby nail care

Chapter 3. Diapering - Different bowel movements – Constipation - Diapering - Cord care – Baby vaginal discharge - Circumcision care - Diaper rash - Choosing diapers

Chapter 4. Breast Feeding - Why breast feed - Starting - Colostrum - Sucking patterns - Stimulating milk - Let down - Uterine contractions - Nursing bras- Feeding positions - Frequency - Milk supply - Growth spurts - Drug and medication safety - Sore nipples – Engorgement – Expressing milk – Burping - Getting help

Chapter 5. Bottle Feeding - Formula types – Preparation - Storage – Fluoride - Warming bottles - Frequency – Burping - Spitting up and hiccups - Starting solid foods

Chapter 6. Sleep and Awake Patterns - Sleep position - Types of sleep - Alert states - Interpreting alert states for interaction with your baby - Naps and a bed time routine

Chapter 7. Personality and Development – Learning your baby’s personality - Interacting with your baby through vision, hearing and touch

Chapter 8. Crying and Colic - Understanding why babies cry – What to check for – Ways to comfort a crying baby - Understanding Colic - Caring for yourself

Chapter 9. Illness and Doctor Visits - When to call the doctor - Before you call the doctor - Car seats – Immunizations - Safety and childproofing - Emergency phone numbers

Chapter 10. Taking Care of Yourself - Simplifying your life - Getting back in shape - Vaginal bleeding - Menstrual cycles - Episiotomy care - Kegel exercises - Sexual intercourse and contraception - Postpartum blues – Dads’ feelings - Baby brothers and sisters - Enjoying your new life

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