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Price: Free
Release Date: February 04, 2010

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- 100 People
-People list
-Short Bio for each person
-Photo of each person
-Timeline for each person
-Video timeline

-iTopPeople shows all top people and their great achievements. People from any field listed in iTopPeople list, and more will be added.

-Walk through top people life via visual Time line, read about their Biographies, see their Photos and read their inspired & wise Quotes.

Also you can choose and add your people to iTopPeople List.

This app will be updated every week with new 10 TopPeople.

iTopPeople reviewed:

"The iTopPeople iPhone app a Who’s Who of VIPs" Dan Kricke, appolicious - 2010

"I think that this is really one of the most useful and educational app out there, and trust me I have reviewed them A LOT but there are so little good apps in the app store... You guys, take the first place here... Really beautiful and stylishly done aplication that really serves it's purpose... Thank you and I hope that there will be many updates for you... As I will be there to learn... :) Best wishes from Serbia... :)" Mickø Nikølic, Facebook - 2010

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