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Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer Lite artworkSpanish Verb Conjugation Trainer Lite

Price: Free
Release Date: December 22, 2008

Master the conjugations for the most common Spanish verbs. Using this easy to use and proven learning method you can easily master conjugations. Use this new application to quickly look up conjugations and verb forms. Discover how easily one can learn to apply Spanish verb conjugations in written and spoken communication.

*** App has been updated and now runs also with iPhone OS 3.0 ***

This is the free version of the Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer. It has the full functionality, but features only one verb.

With the full version of this application you will learn the conjugations of the most used Spanish verbs. The conjugation database holds over 1600 conjugations.

The conjugation forms featured in this application are 100% correct and have been checked for correctness against other verb conjugation sources. The conjugation trainer includes the forms for Indicativo and Condicional. You can check the forms against the forms listed on www.verbix.com.


+ 1600 conjugations
+ Most used Spanish verbs
+ Spaced repetition algorithm
+ Statistics to track learning progress
+ No network connection needed
+ Future updates are free
+ Send in your word proposals

Spaced repetition is a learning technique in which increasing intervals of time is used between subsequent reviews. Loro gradually adopts the optimum spacing of repetitions. Pimsleur language courses are famous for using spaced repetition algorithms.

Tenses and verb forms:

* Participio
* Gerundio
* Presente
* Pretérito Imperfecto
* Pretérito Perfecto Simple
* Futuro
* Condicional
* Infinitivo
* Imperativo Afirmativo
* Imperativo Negativo

List of verbs which are included in this release:

abandonar, abrochar, absolver, abstener, aburrir, acabar, acariciar, aceptar, acertar, acoger, acompañar, aconsejar, acordar, acostarse, admirar, admitir, adoptar, adorar, afirmar, afrontar, agarrar, ahorrar, alegrar, alimentar, alquilar, amar, anteponer, anunciar, apestar, aplaudir, apostar, apoyar, apreciar, aprender, apretar, aprobar, aprovechar, arreglar, asistir, asociar, asolar, asomar, atender, atener, atraer, atrapar, aumentar, avenir, ayudar, bailar, barrer, batir, bañar, beber, besar, brillar, calentar, cambiar, cantar, cerrar, colar, comenzar, comer, compartir, componer, comprar, comprender, comprobar, confundir, conseguir, considerar, consumir, contar, contener, contraer, contrahacer, contravenir, convenir, cooperar, correr, corresponder, cortar, coser, costar, cubrir, dearrollar, debatir, deber, decaer, decidir, deducir, deducir, defender, dejar, demostrar, depender, deponer, desandar, descender, describir, descubrir, desear, deshacer, desoír, despertar, detener, diferenciar, disolver, disponer, dividir, echar, emerger, empezar, emplear, empujar, encender, entender, enterrar, entretener, envolver, escoger, esconder, escribir, escuchar, estudiar, exhibir, existir, exponer, extender, felicitar, fijar, formar, freír, funcionar, fundir, ganar, golpear, gustar, hablar, ignorar, imponer, imprimir, indisponer, inducir, insistir, introducir, invadir, inventar, invitar, lavar, levantar, llevar, llorar, manifestar, mantener, meter, morir, necesitar, nevar, notar, observar, obtener, ocurrir, odiar, ofender, olvidar, operar, oponer, oprimir, parar, partir, pasar, pensar, perder, permitir, perseguir, persistir, pintar, preguntar, presentar, prevenir, prever, probar, producir, prometer, proponer, proseguir, proteger, provenir, quebrar, quedar, quemar, recaer, recibir, recoger, recomendar, recordar, recuperar, recurrir, reducir, refreír, registrar, regresar, rehacer, renunciar, repartir, reproducir, resolver, responder, retener, retraer, reventar, revolver, rodar, romper, seleccionar, sembrar, sobrecoger, sobresalir, sobrevenir, sonar, sonreír ...

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