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Scouter Pro Z artworkScouter Pro Z
Vanilla Breeze

Price: $1.99
Release Date: January 21, 2010

Kudos to all Dragon Ball fans!!

Take a look at this awesome device which many of Dragon Ball fans would like to get their hands on.
Presenting.....The Scouter!

The Scouter has the ability to detect power and energy level of life forms. That's right! Using the built-in camera (iPhone only) or photo library, you can show off your cool gadget that measures the power levels of your kins, friends, and enemies.

As you may be aware, there are cases where the Scouter explodes (especially true for older models early in the dragonball Z series), but no worries! The Scouter for iPhone and iPod Touch is durable enough to endure the most awesome foe's power level.

- Choose from two lens color

- Uses iPhone built-in camera / Photo library from iPhone & iPod Touch
- Saves result to photo library
- Cool sound FX
- Reads power level with computer-activated voice (iPod Touch 1st gen requires an access to earphones/speakers)
- "It's over Nine thousand" parody mode

- In an encounter with a skillful fighter who knows how to suppress his/her power level, Scouter readings will not be accurate.
- Sorry, this Scouter cannot locate Dragon Balls.
- This app is neither affilated with nor endorsed by Bird Studio / Shueisha.

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