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Flashlight Elite Covert Ops artworkFlashlight Elite Covert Ops
Chad Curtiss

Price: Free
Release Date: December 21, 2009

Join the Elite!
A Modern CovOps utility light for the civilian. Because, when we get out of bed at night we're usually on a mission - CovOps aka 'Beam' will reveal the hidden obstacles and even safely return you back to base.

The mission cannot fail
shine a little light on it

Elite uses include:
* Revealing those dark corners, hiding places and evening life-saves.
* Also perfect for Hide and go seek
* Now you see me. Now you don't (in the dark version)
* Fort/Tree house light
* Blanket Tent light
* Bed time stories
* Light your face for spooky campfire stories
* What's under there? light
* Did you hear that? light
* Impress your friends - Shake and wave Beam to redirect 747 jets
* Wave 'HI' to the space station
* Shine Beam and send your enemies into a stun
* Cold night between you and your mate? Turn Beam on and have that fire flaming like a beauty!

Other Elite uses include:
* Late night runs to the restroom
* Late night fridge raid
* Ouiji companion (just in case)

And that's not all

Common uses Include:
* Book light
* Car light
* Map light
* Purse light
* Backpack light
* Door/Key light
* Camping light
* Road side light
* Hunting light
* Fishing light
* Fridge light if the fridge light goes out

* Integrated hide function (hidden by Agent dlu (so you won't find it))
* Bonus: Added feature that will help you look in the fridge if the fridge light goes out.
* Bonus: Secret function that lets you produce a weaker light without even launching the app by just waking your phone.
* Major Special Special Bonus: CovertOps Agent code for 'law of attraction' has been added. Infused with intention like an herbal essence (focus while launching the app and attract).
* Note about the Major Special Special Bonus: Shine your light every moment for best results. Meditate daily to hone your Personal Power(tm). You've got to feel it!!! This statement not approved by the Food and Drug administration (FDA) or Federal Aviation Act (FAA).
* And for the first time ever! We're letting folks about the double tap feature. There's a double tap feature.

The possibilities are endless! If you need a light source. Are in a sticky situation, up in the middle of the night or early in the morning. If your just plain having a blast being an Action Hero and saving lives - this app is just for you.

If your like me. You need a handy light nearly every night and there's nothing better, nothing quicker then a great app right on the device at your bedside or ALREADY IN YOUR HANDS! Did you get that camera guy?!!

* The Icon stands out so it's quick to find
* Plus, it's so fantastic you'll want it on the home screen!
* Beam is a simple white light and is easy to use
* Accidental touches won't get your way
* It keeps the screen from dimming so they'll be no surprises
* And is Fast to shine

But wait, there's more.
For an even brighter light you may simply increase your device's brightness level in your devices' Settings. It's that easy.

Your just a click away. Get Elite CovOps Beam today -

Remember, life is meant to be a Joy. Fill it with your brilliance and let the world see you shine!

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© Chad Curtiss


Take a Spin

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