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SMSArchive (english) artworkSMSArchive (english)
Pit Heimes

Price: Free
Release Date: September 08, 2009

Do you know that?
You want to wish someone a happy birthday by SMS or email or you just want to say to your darling “I love you”!
SMSArchive offers you a wide range of different slogans clustered in several categories. You can browse these categories by using scroll view. Choose one slogan and send directly by SMS or email to your friends. With SMSArchive you will no longer lose time by looking for the right words.


Multitude of categories:
Good morning
Good night
Miss You

Post your own slogan:
You have the opportunity to post your own favorite slogans by using a nickname. This function guarantees a constant increase in the number of slogans.

Love-Calculator is a special feature in SMSArchive. It allows you to estimate the time of your relationship. For example Love-Calculator says: You are together for 3 years 3 months and 23 days. Furthermore you can send this information directly by sms or email to your friend.

Search in database:
You can search the database by using keywords. This provides you the chance to find most suitable slogan.

SMS of the day:
SMSArchive chooses every day a special slogan for you.

Cut, Copy, Paste:
The selected slogan is automatically copied to your SMS or Email. This meens that the sending process only takes a few seconds of your time.

Shake function:
If you shake your IPhone or IPod SMSArchive chooses automatically a slogan for you.

Scroll view:
You can browse the several categories in high-speed, when you move your finger over the display.

Instruction manual:
SMSArchive offers a pictured instruction manual. That makes it easys to learn all the different functions.

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© 2009 Pit Heimes


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