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Hearing Test : Prank Box artworkHearing Test : Prank Box
theM Dev

Price: $1.99
Release Date: January 07, 2009


Pranks in Action (videos):



First Interactive Screamer APP on the AppStore.

- Use only in a controlled environment
- Always look after your iPhone/iPod when someone is using this application
- Don't use to scare people with faint heart, epileptic syndromes, heart conditions, high blood pressure or any other health condition
- Don't use to scare kids, children, older people and pregnant women
- Don't use to scare people with low tolerance to stress

Authors of this application do not take responsibility for any results of use of this application.

Have you ever seen a Scare Maze prank on the Internet, or any other Screamer app? Now you can have your own personal Scary / Prank application on your iPhone / iPod.

Use it to scare and shock your friends , foes or anyone you feel like.

If you are a prankster , this app is 100% suited for you.

Our application fakes to test the hearing of a person using it... and when the time is right it plays a Loud Scream Sound, vibrates your phone and shows a Scary picture (it is guaranteed to scare even the toughest men).

(we had to blur the scary picture in the sample pictures on the left, cause it might be too scary for some people).

- Scare yourself
- Scare your friends / foes / family
- Great conversation starter
- Haunted Prank machine in your hand
- Use with headphones (best scare results)
- Natural looking Icon (so no one will notice that this is fake)

- Easy to use.
- Fun to play with.
- Original sounds.
- Looks and feels like a real hearing test.
- Surprise (really scary) ending.

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© Lukasz Matablewski


Take a Spin

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