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LazyTipper artworkLazyTipper
Brian J. Lee

Price: $0.99
Release Date: May 12, 2010

LazyTipper is the FIRST tip calculator on App Store that supports over 75 currencies throughout the world!

Are you too lazy to calculate tips in your head? Are you too lazy to type in numbers on the keypad? Whether at a restaurant, taxi, or a hair salon, LazyTipper is just for you!

I love the way it works to help me pay tips on my international travel. I always wondered if I should pay tips when I'm in foreign countries. Now I have the guide. Cool tool~

This app really SAVES me a TIME to calculate/split tips without entering the bill amount!
Thank you!!!

Made my life easier!

Great App! Easy to use! Globally Useful!! Visually Outstanding!!

This is awesome!! I've always waited for an app like this! I'm def tellin my friends.
Thank you LazyTipper!!! For making my life easy. :)

Really need for lazy tippers :)
This is best tipping app among many if you need tipping app.
I would like to recommend this app!!

LazyTipper has a table called 'Lazy Table' which will conveniently give you an estimated tip amount for your bill, based on any percentage you choose, without you having to enter the exact amount of your bill.

The Lazy Table consists of 50 rows. Each row will display the total amount of bill on the left hand side, ranging from minimum and maximum amount set from Edit View and an estimated tip amount on the right hand side. By default, the minimum bill amount is set at $10, maximum at $255, and the tipping percentage at 15%. However, you can easily reset these values to meet your need.

Remember that the Lazy Table has 50 rows. 
This simply means that if the Table is set to display bill amounts starting from $10 up to $255, each row on the left side will increment by $5. As you set the range between the minimum and maximum bill amounts displayed in the rows smaller, you will get a more accurate tip amount for your bill. 

Eating out with Friends? Don't Worry.
You can easily split a tip between 1~10 parties by pressing each row and reference the number of people in your party.

Do you want to be exact? No worries.
LazyTipper provides Exact Amount tip calculations as well. You can choose to enter the exact amount of your bill, instead of choosing one from the Table, then select the number of people in your party with whom you want to split the bill.

Feeling great today? Shake your iPhone after a calculation to add 5% more to your tip.

Are you traveling? LazyTipper can still help.
LazyTipper provides over 75 different currencies with Tipping Guide for each country.

To change the currency setting, simply press Settings > Currency. The new currency will take effect on Lazy Table and Exact Amount.

Happy Tipping!

© 2010 Brian J. Lee & Yoon Jung Jang


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