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Calc12C+ artworkCalc12C+
Ernest Brock

Price: $6.99
Release Date: December 17, 2009

Calc12C+ is a full version of the HP12C Financial RPN calculator plus enhancements including: Audit Tape, worksheets, unit and currency converter, scientific functions and program editor/debugger.

Using the power of the iPhone's modern processor and large memory it also includes:

Audit Tape: The audit tape keeps a record of your calculations. You can review, annotate, cut/copy/paste and mail the results of computations with the tape tool.

Worksheets: A set of worksheets simplify solving a variety of financial, real estate and business calculations. You can also design custom worksheets to automate your daily computations. Predefined worksheets are included for:
•Black-Scholes European option pricing
•Bonds including duration and Modified duration
•Cash Flow with IRR, NPV, NFV, NUS, MIRR
•Depreciation SL, SOYD, DB, DBX with full tabular results
•Interest Conversion
•Lease with advance payments
•Loan Amortization
•Statistics with Linear, Log, Exp and Power fit and graphing
•TVM general purpose time value of money solver

Unit Converter: Convert between a wide variety of common units and currencies. Currency rates can be downloaded from the internet.

Program editor: Edit, debug programs and design custom worksheets using the included program editor. Programs and worksheets can be stored and recalled from the iPhone's memory using the included file manager. Share programs and worksheets using the built-in mail capability.

Scientific calculator: A full featured scientific calculator extends the capabilities of the 12C to the engineering and science fields.

Rotated view: Rotate the iPhone to the vertical orientation to get a larger button layout of the most commonly used functions.

Built-in user guide: A full user guide is included and is always a single touch away for handy reference.

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