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Quick ROI for Rental Investment Properties artworkQuick ROI for Rental Investment Properties
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Price: $1.99
Release Date: October 02, 2009

Investing in rental properties is serious business. You need a tool that can help you evaluate whether a property fits your investment criteria. Quick ROI for Rental Investment Properties is designed by Real Estate professionals specifically for real estate investors.

☛☛☛☛ NEW Version 1.1
✓ View details of annual cash flow
✓ View Cash-on-Cash and Cap Rate by year
✓ Email property summary to yourself or friends

When you are out "shopping" and checking out several properties on the same day, you need a tool that helps you track what you've seen and the vital statistics of how the Return On Equity of a property fits or does not fit into your investment criteria.

◊ ◊ ◊ Features and Functions ◊ ◊ ◊

List of Properties: Keeps track of a list of properties under consideration. Create a new property with just the address, asking price, and rental income. The rest of the details are filled in from PERSONALIZED SETTINGS such as down payment percentage, vacancy rate, operating expenses, mortgage rates, depreciation, tax rate, and property appreciation/sale assumptions.

ROI: Change the numbers and see the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) recalculated instantly. IRR is calculated based on AFTER-TAX CASH FLOWS. Set up default values from the SETTINGS screen, accessed from the "gears" icon on the List of Properties.

Quick and Simple: We don't load up the application with features, charts, tables, and options that you may not need. For example, we don't display mortgage amortization table in this application since your considerations should be more about your Annual Cash Flow than how each monthly payment breaks out into principle versus interest.

The complex Purchase, Annual Cash Flow, Depreciation, Property Sale, and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is digested down to one simple screen where you can enter the vital statistics of a property and your Return On Investment changes instantly.

IRR is a measure used by financial professionals to compare different investments. IRR calculation is based on annual cash flow analysis as well as your cash-in at property acquisition time and cash-out at property disposition time. One application does it all. By just filling in a few numbers, you can instantly compare IRR from different properties.

View the details of before-tax and after-tax annual cash flow. See your annual cash-on-cash return as well as cap-rate based on the annual net operating income.

✓ ✓ ✓ Tips and Tricks ✓ ✓ ✓

1. From the List of Properites, tap on the "gears" icon at the lower right to set up your PERSONALIZED SETTINGS, e.g. Annual Rental Increases, Property Depreciation Method, Appreciation Assumptions, Income Tax Rates.

2. Annual Cash Flow includes all the after-tax effects of Depreciation and Tax Benefits

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