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Socially Conscious Software LLC

Price: $0.99
Release Date: January 29, 2009

Do you hate wasting money? Do you love saving time? Do you like to be right? Do you like getting treated like a king? Do you like when people trust your opinion? Do you want to be the most respected person in your social circle?

★★ You need TIP-WOW! because its the best tip calculator out there! ★★

Hi, it’s Jay with TIP-WOW! You’ll be saying wow every time you use this tipper! It’s like a calculator! It’s like an advisor! It’s like an artificial intelligence machine.

A regular tipper doesn’t think for you - this works with your input or not. This is for the restaurant, the bar, take out, delivery! TIP-WOW! pays for itself after the first meal. Look at this! It just does the work! Why do you want to work twice as hard? It doesn’t over tip, doesn’t make you look cheap.

Don't like its first answer? Knock it up, Knock it down, Round it, It does it all! It is made by MIT guys, you know the MIT guys always make good stuff. You can cut the bill five ways, six ways, how many people you with? It could cut the bill 4.7 ways!

Bartenders, they use it too. Look at that! Completely dry! Get a big bill, put it in, it figures out the tip. Here’s some chinese, some italian, coffee and thai food. Not only is the tip gonna be correct - there’s your total. That's awesome! See that? The most accurate.
We’re gonna do this in real time! Look at this! Put in the bill, rate the service! Without even putting pressure, fifty percent is done right there. You follow me, camera guy? The other fifty percent, push the calculate button. No other Tipulator is gonna do that! It acts like a person!

★★ And look at this - perfect tip every time! See what I’m telling ya? TIP-WOW! You’re gonna say wow every time! ★★

Just Updated! (v3.5 just accepted by !)
Our updates include:
Layout updates 5-28-09
Auto Save Feature Added 4-5-09
Custom Keypad Added 3-13-09
Graphics Updated 2-16-09

You need TIP-WOW! because you'll never over tip again!

★ "TIP-WOW! paid for itself"

★ "I'd recommend this app to a friend"

★ "TIP-WOW! is the best tip app yet!"

★ "TIP-WOW!"

Beware of imitators! You'll be a pocket god with TIP-WOW! in your pocket! You can get tap tap revenge on bad servers! It works with a flick... fishing isnt this easy!




• Easy to use.
• Recommends a tip based on your input.
• Accepts your guidance on min and max tips.
• Displays the gratuity in percent.
• Calculates your total bill.
• Splits the bill based on the number in your party.
• Recalculates if you change the recommendation.
• Option to enter your tip directly for regular tip calculator functionality.
• Listen to your favorite music from artists like Flo Rida, Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas, Sean Kingston, Taylor Swift, The Dead Weather, or Daughtry while using this app!

© 2009 Socially Conscious Software LLC


Take a Spin

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