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Credit Card Debt artworkCredit Card Debt
Ethan Productions

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Release Date: January 07, 2009

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Credit Card Debt is an application specifically designed to help you keep track of your credit lines. It includes a number of great features that help you keep a better eye on your finances without a lot of daily overhead involved like other money applications currently on the App Store.

Some of the features of Credit Card Debt include:

- See card by card debt amounts.

- See the percentage of debt vs. limit on you credit card accounts in an easy to view bar graph.

- See the total debt of all of your credit accounts added up.

- Track major credit cards, store cards, gas cards, international cards, and lines of credit.

- Switch to the currency of your choosing.

- Customizable card names, so if you have two cards from Chase for example, you can differentiate between the two.

- Easy to see icons on the left of the credit line differentiate the card types easily.

- Move and sort your list of cards, so you can see them by Type, Company, Debt amount, or in any other order you wish.


Open the application. Add any credit card or line of credit that you own. Include a descriptive name, the debt on the card, and the limit of the card. Then click Save. Repeat this for all of your credit lines.

Once you have them all entered, go back to the main screen and touch the Delete/Move button and use the icons on the right side of the cards to reorder your cards. Just hold and drag them around. Then hit Done once they are all reordered.

You now have a view of all of your credit lines. The top of the screen will list your total debt. Each card has a bar graph that shows the percentage of your limit you have used.

To change the currency, close the application and go into the Settings application. Scroll to the bottom and find CC Debt. From there you can select a new currency and then reopen your application to see the change.

To delete cards, either touch Delete/Move or do a finger swipe on the card. Your debt totals will be changed immediately following the addition, deletion, or change of a card.

Update your cards every time you make a payment. You can also update them any time you have a new bill or charges as well. This will give you a good overall picture of your credit and debt.


This application is not for daily expenses of your cards. It's something that you update once per month when you pay your bill, to give you a better overall big-picture look at your debt and financial status with credit in general.

Future updates, which you'll get for free when buying this app, will include inputs on interest rates, last for digits of a card, due dates, and due date notifications.

As a personal note, for someone like me who has a large number of cards and a large amount of debt, this app is incredibly useful. I built this app with the intention of using it personally myself, and so far it's great. If you have suggestions for how I can improve this app, please let me know!

© Ethan Allen 2009


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