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Pocket Lint artworkPocket Lint
Digiot LLC

Price: $1.99
Release Date: July 13, 2008

Money management made easy. With Pocket Lint you can keep track of balances of up to 8 accounts. With just a few button presses you can add deposits or withdrawals with as much or as little descriptive details as you want. If you enter it incorrectly you can always go back and edit or delete the transaction and have the changes reflected in the overall account balance. Pocket Lint keeps track of your most recent 80 transactions per account and easily allows you to sort by withdrawal or deposit. You can even quickly check the account balance of your primary account by allowing Pocket Lint to overlay the amount on its home screen icon.

Note: You must enter Settings -> Pocket Lint to enable scheduled transactions.

Some people have had issues discovering how to enter a Deposit, to enter a Deposit click on the cell that says "Type" and this will change the Withdrawal to a Deposit. If you can't see the Type cell, hit return on the keyboard a few times or click any other cell title, ie Name, Amount, Notes.

-Passcode Lock
-Ability to Reconcile
-CSV export
-Scheduled Transactions (for paychecks, monthly bills, etc)
-Supports USD, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, GBP, Yen, Krona, Yuan, Pesata, Koruna, Colon, and Franc

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