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Saving My Hero artworkSaving My Hero
Nate Games

Price: $1.99
Release Date: June 01, 2010

The Saving My Hero v1.0.1(bug fixed) is in review.
we will update our game as fast as possible.

'Red Dragon' killed the father of 'Hero' long time ago. 'Hero' is now grown up and he wanted to revenge to 'Red Dragon'.

’Saving My Hero’ is a horizontal action arcade game.
Synopsis is very simple.
Very cute and dynamic characters will be shown up on his journey.
Also, this game requires simple control and very easy to play for everyone.

- The whole map have 9 worlds with 99 stages for each. To move to next world you have to clear 99 stages of former world.
- Quests and missions make this game more fantastic beyond simple action arcade game.
- Besides there are main quests for each of 9 worlds, several sub-quests exist in each of several stages.
- 'Lev-Down' system makes your 'Hero' to be able to equip an item that requires higher-level.

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Wed, 01 Jun 2016 00:29:24 GMT


My hero! Mum thanks diligent GP for saving her life after spotting bleed on the brain
A QUICK thinking doctor has been praised for saving a woman's life after she suffered a bleed on the brain. When Nadia Georgiou, 37, who suffers from frequent migraines, developed a severe headache one evening she thought strong painkillers would deal ...


Fri, 03 Jun 2016 12:29:44 GMT

Hero dog saves live by donating blood 12 TIMES
"This build up of poison finally caused him to collapse, and luckily my 18-year-old son Jens was there when it happened, scooped him up and ran him to our neighbours who put him in the back of the car and took him to the vets. "He was in a very bad way ...


Thu, 02 Jun 2016 22:20:42 GMT

8-Year-Old Hero Shares Story of Saving 3 Lives
And now, in his own words, John describes how it felt to save three lives: "We were coming down here to the water, to see the new canvas on my uncle's boat and he heard the air horn, and my dad heard screaming," John said. At first, they thought maybe ...

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Fri, 03 Jun 2016 08:35:27 GMT

'The Flash' Season 3: There's A Flashpoint Paradox On The Way
But defeating Zoom wasn't enough for Barry to be the hero of the day he traveled back into time to 18th March 2000 to save his mother from getting killed by Reverse Flash and kicked his ass. Now the introduction line of 3rd season could be “My name is ...

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Thu, 02 Jun 2016 23:00:58 GMT

Mom, 5 children escape early morning house fire after TV overheats
The mother said she is thankful her five children are okay. Jose said he is thankful for his mom's quick life-saving actions. "She's a hero. She's been my hero since I was born," Jose said. Firefighters said the TV overheated because the vents were ...

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Thu, 02 Jun 2016 18:27:00 GMT


The Idea That the Cincinnati Zoo Mom Did Something Criminal Is Outrageous
Instead of applause for all involved for saving the life of the child, public outrage against the parents, Michelle Gregg and Deonne Dickerson has reached ridiculous—and serious—heights, culminating in a police investigation on their actions. The ...

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Thu, 26 May 2016 14:36:23 GMT

Coventry Telegraph

Young daughter of tragic Stratford lorry crash hero says 'mummy saved my life'
Coventry Telegraph
A five-year-old girl has told how her heroic mum sacrificed herself in saving her from being crushed by a lorry in Stratford. When her daughter Keira shot out into the road on a scooter last Friday morning, Rachael Martin leapt in front of a car ...
'Hero' Stratford mum died saving her daughterStratford Observer

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Thu, 02 Jun 2016 20:42:52 GMT

Did the bystanders react appropriately to 80-year-old being beaten on bus?
Authorities are calling a Clallam Transit bus driver a hero after she stepped in to save a woman being brutally attacked and also managed to stop the attacker from hijacking the bus. But KIRO Radio's Dori Monson wants to know why the first reaction for ...

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Fri, 03 Jun 2016 04:10:12 GMT

Franklin Co. Sheriff's Deputy Honored for Saving Man's Life
Franklin Co. Sheriff's Deputy Honored for Saving Man's Life. 0 Comments for this article ... (WTVQ)-Franklin County's Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Shaka Bridges address a crowd at the Franklin County Fiscal Court House, “Mario Chavez is a hero, make no ...

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Tue, 31 May 2016 14:32:07 GMT

Campus Rush

Former Kansas guard Brannen Greene called “hero” for saving Uber driver's life
Campus Rush
According to the Uber driver, Henry Moran, Greene did more than just save his own life; he saved Moran's life. "If he doesn't help me, I could not have made it out," Moran told the Lawrence Journal-World. "He is my hero. He saved my life. When I speak ...

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