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Bebbled: Best Bubble Breaker / Jawbreaker / Same Game EVER! artworkBebbled: Best Bubble Breaker / Jawbreaker / Same Game EVER!
Discussion Works

Price: $0.99
Release Date: December 05, 2009

Greece: TOP 1 iPad Entertainment App. Ευχαριστούμε Ελλάδα!

*** Bebbled has reached the TOP 100 Board and Puzzle in US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Canada, Poland, and Japan!

Take the chance to play the best jawbreaker / bubble breaker game for a mobile device featuring Online, Freestyle, and Campaign games.

* Facebook integration. Challenge your friends at

6 different game modes:
* Standard
* Continuous
* Continuous (Classic)
* Shifter
* MegaShift
* TimeShifter

2 unique campaigns, 33 different levels, 6 possible challenges per level

Bebbled Online is the ultimate battle arena, where you can challenge other Bebbled players from around the world.

* Become the ultimate Bebbled Master in all 5 online game types.

* Replay your opponents' best games and keep the scores as your own if you manage to beat them.

* Retain your scores and online identity even if you change your mobile device.

...and even more...
* Different in-game bonus levels
* Color-blind friendly
* Left-handed mode
* Accelerometer support for in-game field rotation
* Listen to your own music
* Resume your games after a call

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