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Diet Recipes: Cooking for Easy Weight Loss artworkDiet Recipes: Cooking for Easy Weight Loss
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Release Date: May 20, 2010

See the best how-to videos on easy recipe meals that promote weight loss. All of the recipes shown here are healthy, delicious and very filling.  You will not feel hungry with these whole foods.

★ See how to roast a whole chicken

★ Learn how to cook salmon fillets and halibut

★ View how to make the tastiest and healthiest raw salads

★ Check out how to fry and scramble tofu

★ Beans and legumes galore. See several simple ways to make this very filling, cheap and extremely nutritious food

★ Learn how to make a yummy brown rice salad

★ See how to make six very nutritious and fast breakfasts (at under 400 calories)

★ For those who would like to eat more beans but need a not-so-entirely healthy recipe, check out this easy and fabulous baked beans and bacon dish

You'll need an internet connection to watch.

There are 24 videos for entrees, salads, veggies, fish, beans and tofu here. Hope you will try them all!

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Big Think (blog)

Bizarre FDA-Approved Weight Loss System Encourages Eating Disorders
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Reduce Excess Abdominal Fat
There are three main ingredients in the weight loss recipe. Those secret ingredients are to eat right, exercise, and apply common sense to your daily life. If you want to lose belly fat don't put fat into your belly. Calories build weight gain so if ...

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Fitness Plan Day 165: Eat light meals and low-calorie snacks to lose weight
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10 Breakfast Habits That Are Causing You To Gain Weight
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Poughkeepsie Journal

Healthy choices made easy: meal prep, snacks to impress
Poughkeepsie Journal
According to a recent Gallup survey, 51 percent of Americans want to lose weight, but only about half of them (25 percent) are actually working toward their weight-loss goals. As a registered dietitian, ... This recipe is great for summer time. The ...


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Week four of your diet plan and great mix and match recipes that will help you lose up to 12lbs
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It's Time to Start Using Aquafaba in All Your Vegan Baking Recipes
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