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Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations artworkCleveland Clinic Stress Meditations
Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise

Genre:Healthcare & Fitness
Price: $1.99
Release Date: May 12, 2010

Did you know that up to 90% of all doctors’ office visits are stress-related?

Now you can do something to alleviate the stress in your life. With Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations, offered by The Wellness Institute at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, you can practice clinically proven relaxation techniques that will help you reduce and control your feelings of stress.

The Wellness Institute offers wellness programs that advocate healthy living through nutrition, exercise and stress management. Directed by New York Times best-selling author and wellness authority, Dr. Michael F. Roizen, The Wellness Institute helps people achieve optimal well-being and a high quality of life. Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations is the first mobile application offered by the Institute.

Featuring eight different relaxation techniques, Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations is easy to use and highly effective. By practicing these techniques, you will impact your health destiny and change your life for the better.

What else Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations can do for you:

* Help you to feel more in control of your stressful emotions

* Allow you to enjoy the present — and worry less about the future

* Enable you to feel better about yourself and your life

* Reduce your risk of developing stress-related diseases

Start with any one of the eight relaxation techniques:
Body Scan Relaxation
Self-Confidence Meditation
Guided Imagery Relaxation
A Calm Mind Meditation
Loving Kindness Meditation
Letting Go Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation
Miracle Around Us Meditation

Try Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditations now and start experiencing the world with more joy — and less stress!

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