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Pocket Forest Free artworkPocket Forest Free
IRID Software

Genre:Healthcare & Fitness
Price: Free
Release Date: May 08, 2010

Introducing the free version of Pocket Forest!

Want to have a relaxing night sleep or wake up to the enchanted sounds of the forest? Or maybe you need a new alarm clock that is fun a relaxing.

Then Pocket Forest is for you!

Pocket Forest is a sound scene simulator that allows you to create a custom sound environment by mixing different sounds. With 20 different sounds that can be individually modified and capable of having multiple copies of a sound with different properties the possibilities are endless and very relaxing. It also includes 15 different backgrounds to make your scene more unique and relaxing.

Key Features:
* 20 Different sounds that can be mixed to create a truly unique sound environment.
* 15 Beautiful backgrounds to make your scene more unique.
* Beautiful sounds from common song birds.
*Both master and individual sound control. Now you can have a bird sing in your ear while another sings in the distance. Just like real nature!
* Beautiful ambient sounds from a river, rain, wind and a water fall.
* Relaxing rain effect.
* Can be used as a desktop clock.
* Alarm(only in full version) and timer support to help you sleep and wake up.
* Auto save and resume to keep your relaxing sounds playing.
* Random sound generation to create a natural effect.
* Touch and gesture support for adding, modifying and removing sounds and also changing the backgrounds.

List of sounds:
*American Robin
*Chipping Sparrow
*Song Sparrow
*Yellow Warbler
*Blue Jay
*Horned Owl
*Mourning Dove
*Cricket 1
*Cricket 2
*River Stream
*Light Rain
*Strong Wind
*Water Fall

So what are you waiting for? Get Pocket Forest now!

******* INSTRUCTIONS *******

1. To add a sound effect click the + icon and then the Bird icon. Select the sound and click Add Sound.
2. Click and drag the new icon to place in the desired location. This affects the sound.
3. To remove a sound touch and hold the sound and then select Ok from the pop-up message or drag it back to the + icon.
4. To remove all the sound effects, touch the background and shake the device.
5. To change the background swipe your finger left or right while the menu is closed.
6. To show the status bar and see the time, battery level and signal touch and hold the background for 4 seconds.
7. To adjust the volume and balance move the sound icon around. Up and down controls the volume and left and right the balance.

© IRID Software 2010


Take a Spin

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