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Genre:Healthcare & Fitness
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Release Date: May 03, 2010

Do you want to know what you ate?
iNutri8 will help you.

Search for the food items you want to eat or ate in the day.
Use the Portion measures to add appropriate portions.
Click DONE to see how it compares with the standard food pyramid.
The instant feedback with the visual comparison helps you know what is missing or should be missing from your diet.
iNutri8 should be used only as a reference.

You can do this any time, any where on your iPhone or iPod touch. So why wait?
Start keying in what you ate with iNutri8.

Send us a feedback via the + button. + button shows up when your searched item is not found. Send us an email with the missing items and your valuable suggestions.

Want to know what you ate? Use iNutri8.

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Take a Spin

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