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TRX Exercises with Pocket PT artworkTRX Exercises with Pocket PT
Pocket Innovation

Genre:Healthcare & Fitness
Price: $4.99
Release Date: January 21, 2010

This App presents friendly, expert instruction to help you maximise the benefit from your TRX. Selected and performed by master Personal Trainer David Petersen, these 8 exercises target areas covering the whole body, based on the principles of dynamic strength and conditioning.
David's thorough but simple instruction makes it easy to perform the exercises for yourself and each exercise comes with a written introduction explaining the aim of the exercise and how to set-up your TRX.

This instruction and much more is available from - your online Personal Trainer.

These TRX exercises are an excellent way to gain lean muscle, build strength and endurance, improve your health and fitness and lose excess body fat.

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Take a Spin

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“We've been offering outdoor boot camps for a while now, but this is something new for us,” Fox said. The facility also includes TRX training and will hold TRX classes outside once the facility is up and running, Fox said. For more information visit ...


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