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Absalt EasyWakeup PRO - smart alarm clock (easy wake up) artworkAbsalt EasyWakeup PRO - smart alarm clock (easy wake up)

Genre:Healthcare & Fitness
Price: $14.99
Release Date: July 04, 2009

**ON SALE today. Get it now and any updates will be FREE for you.
Designed for OS 3.0 or higher.

========= CUSTOMER REVIEWS ===========
"I just had one of the most refreshed weeks I had in my life." - Hanan, Israel.

"Once you try it, you are going to wonder how you have gone without it." -

"Must have app for anyone who just likes to have a good day." - Jeremy, Iowa.

"Totally changed my life." - Jason, California.

"It's easy to use, intuitive and a great improvement over the stock alarm app." - Filip, Boechout.

=============== ABOUT ===============
EasyWakeup is an advanced alarm clock for iPhone/ iPod Touch. Based on the natural sleep-phases we go through every night, the app senses when it’s most appropriate to wake you. Just set a time when you have to be up and choose an interval to find your opportune waking-time. The application will then gently wake you at the optimal time within this interval.
You'll wake up feeling refreshed, energized and ready for your day.

========== AWESOME FACTS ===========
✔Save money!
Other devices using this technology to sense and utilize sleep-cycles to wake you often cost 10 times the amount of this App.

✔Mobility - EasyWakeup utilizes only your phone, with no external sensors, so it doesn't take up extra space. Ideal for travel.

✔Get what you want!
New features are added constantly! Since launch Nov-2008 we have released an updated version more than 20 times, each one superior to the last! And remember, these updates are completely FREE for the product purchased!

What are you waiting for?! You could start waking more refreshed by tomorrow!
And why shouldn’t you - a good morning lays the groundwork for a great day!

============ FEATURES: ============

1. Senses the opportune waking-time by using the device’s built-in accelerometer.

✔ Use it attached to your arm for the most precise result.
✔ Use it by simply putting it next to you for enhanced comfort.
✔ Option to change sensitivity if you are a vivid sleeper or have a springy bed.

2. User controlled method of waking:

✔ Choose whether you want to wake by vibration, sound or both.
✔ Soft fading of melody for a gentler wakeup.
✔ Use existing ring signals as wakeup melody or simply pick a song from your iTunes library. Or just record your own sound and use…
✔ Snooze if you like, either by shaking device or pressing on the screen. Customizable snooze time, 1-10 minutes.

3. Provides users with a graph of how you slept; when and how much you moved during sleep.

✔ Feel like you slept badly? Maybe the logs indicate that you moved more than you usually do… Could the room be to hot for you? Time to open a window or buy a fan? We can’t really tell why you slept bad, but at least now you have it on log : )
✔ Statistics-screen shows the amount of sleep you got during the night as well as how much you usually sleep.

4. Goes easy on your battery:

✔ Charging during use not required: uses proximity sensor to turn off screen when alarm is on. (iPhone feature only).
✔ Device keeps cool, so no risk of damaging it or burning yourself.

✔NEW! One-click launch. last alarm clock automatically turns on.
✔NEW! Landscape graphs mode.
✔NEW! Record your awakening moods.
✔NEW! Ability to add notes per night or keep a dream diary.
✔ No more need to set speaker volume. Alarm clock will increase it automatically.
✔ Ability to setup several predefined alarm clocks.
✔ Support for ignoring the silent switch.
✔ Ability to email your sleep data.
✔ Multilingual support.
✔ Support for iPod Touch with some hardware & SDK restrictions - more info on

If you are not ready to put 5 stars to our product (something is not clear, there are any difficulties, etc) write about it on our e-mail. We fix practically all problems from users by e-mail.

© © 2008—2010 Absalt


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