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DreamBook Pro artworkDreamBook Pro

Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 01, 2010

Dreambook is the most popular application with dream interpretations of all currently placed in the AppStore.

This program provides you with:

- large dream base (over 14.000);

- possibility of search in any of 6 most popular dream books – these are Freud’s, Miller’s,   Nostradamus’, prophetess Vanga’s, madam Hasse’s et al. works;

- handy navigation;

- intuitive and nice interface.

Don't stay aside - just buy it and see, what does your dream mean!

There are two versions of this app currently available.

These are Dreambook and Dreambook PRO.


The advantages of Dreambook PRO:

- this version includes the app both for iPhone and for iPad;

- the function of dream base update through the Internet is added;

-  calendar became even handier – you can easily view your previous dreams history;

-  there appeared possibility to place your dream interpretations on Tweeter and Facebook;

-  navigation and application structure are optimized that made Dreambook PRO even handier;

- due to the graphic design update the program became even more beautiful.

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