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Price: $1.99
Release Date: December 18, 2009

Do you want to know what your partner thinks?
His gestures send you indirect messages. Know how to translate them in your advantage.
But also learn to master your own to send the right signals.

Knowing at any time the mood of your partner.
Knowing what to do or avoid.
Improve technical analysis.

•• A useful tool ••
to find a work, seduce, engage a new employee, to have the good attitude in an examination… All these situations can turn to your advantage if you have the expected behavior.

•• Complete ••
240 gestures and positions with their meaning to discover.
Several sections of advice and theories.

•• Fast and discreet ••
Quickly find the meaning of a gesture based on:
- the body part
- the situation
- A state of mind is associated with each gesture.

Once found the gesture, you know the mood of your partner. You know if he is rather :
- Opportunist
- Liar
- Dreamer
- etc. (25 differents)

Easy access to information. Its design is clear. So you can use in all circumstances without being noticed.

A short explanation can know immediately what the other thinks.

•• Tips ••
An additional section gives you practical advice.

Techniques to analyze a situation.
The meaning of each body part.
The values given to each part to a fair analysis.
The actions to better atract
The actions to avoid at the office

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