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eBanner - (Banner + Emoji Keyboard) artworkeBanner - (Banner + Emoji Keyboard)
SungDong Kim - AcroSoft

Price: $1.99
Release Date: July 27, 2009

★ Versatile Banner App with Emoji Keyboard Unlocker(iPhone only). eBanner can be used instead of many simple Emoji unlocking app in the AppStore and provides much more features.
★ Top 100 Paid(Lifestyle) in 12 countries!! - May 9, 2010

☆ Very versatile Banner app by ookxtreme
☆ So good app! by talibanol
☆ Great for trade shows! Great price! by AngieMax

eBanner is an ultimate scrolling banner application. It displays your messages like LED dot matrix board.

eBanner is great to say something effectively in a noisy places like stadium, concert, club and others.
And also it is good to confess your mind to your lover like Love Actually.

◈ Single tap and tap the top-left info button to change various settings.
◈ Double tap the screen to change your message instantly.

You can manages, display multiple messages with various style.

eBanner has a powerful built-in message editor. It has Unicode symbol/emoji keyboard that lets you enter Unicode symbols(☀☁☂☂☄☎☞☠☺☯♚♘♠♥♧) and Emoji characters.

eBanner has an Emoji keyboard unlocker too(iPhone only). When you unlock Japanese Emoji keyboard, you can type very beautiful picture character in your message.

Just type your message!!!

◈ Sequential Display of Multiple Messages with various styles
◈ Can display "What's Playing"(Song, Artist, Composer, Album Title)
◈ Can display Twitter timeline or mentions
◈ Emoji Keyboard Unlocker(iPhone Only)
◈ Advanced message editor with built-in Unicode symbol(570+)/Emoji(470+) keyboard
◈ Can change the font for message
◈ Selectable font size(Large, Medium, Small)
◈ Selectable font style(Bold, Anti-aliasing)
◈ Supports portrait and lanscape mode
◈ Changeable scroll speed(Swipe Gestures)
◈ Turn on/off scrolling
◈ Changeable blink speed
◈ Blink effect
◈ Changeable dot color
◈ Beautiful rainbow color
◈ Various dot shapes(16 shapes)
◈ Can change the size of dot(Large/Small)
◈ Inversion effect
◈ Mirror Mode
◈ Vibrate at the end of message(iPhone)
◈ Manages multiple messages
◈ Prevent Auto-Lock
◈ Can display date and time at the end of message
◈ Small footprint
◈ And more features will be added.

★ See the demonstration video at

★ Drop a line to us to ask a question or suggestion. To ask a question, please send an e-mail to support (at) or follow us at


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