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A Course In Miracles: Workbook for Students artworkA Course In Miracles: Workbook for Students
Studio Six Digital

Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 24, 2009

A companion to the immensely popular "A Course In Miracles" book, this app is designed to be used in conjunction with the workbook. (A Course In Miracles is also known as ACIM).

Developed in cooperation with the Foundation for Inner Peace, our app includes the full workbook lesson text from the current edition of the book, as well as the official Foundation-produced audio affirmations for every lesson.

All 365 workbook lessons are included, in full text presented in a beautiful reader designed specifically for this course. Play the official Foundation-produced audio of the affirmations included for each lesson, or record your own personalized affirmation.

You can follow your studies, with a handy pocket reminder that you can reference several times per day, as reminders for the lesson of the day.

But there is much more -- for each lesson, you can add your own text notes, and even record your own personalized affirmation. By personalizing the course in this way, as you progress through the lessons, you will create a living record of your journey.

Also, to help you appreciate the breadth and scope of the course, we have included a beautiful rendition of the Earth, with points marked on the Earth showing all of the people who are working on the course through this app. We have color-coded the points so that you can see who is working on the same lesson that you are, and who is online right now.

Watch the community of ACIM users grow as you progress through the course.

There are also handy links to the A Course In Miracles website, information about the Foundation for Inner Peace, and a link to our own website.

Enhance your study, and add another dimension to the work that you are doing in A Course In Miracles.

Note that if you have a 2nd gen Touch, you will need an external mic for recording. We will be releasing a version compatible with the iPod Touch 1st gen soon.

Also see our other apps, iMantra, for mantra meditation practice, and Peace Alarm Clock, which combines a gentle alarm sequence, a sleep timer, and a meditation timer.

More great apps coming soon!

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Take a Spin

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