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Sygic Aura Drive Eastern Europe artworkSygic Aura Drive Eastern Europe

Price: $43.99
Release Date: May 04, 2010

Sygic Aura Drive is the first voice guided car navigation, travel guide and a social networking app which uses 3D acceleration chip of your iPhone. The result is a stunning 3D rendering speed and an unchallenged user experience. Door-to-door, friend-to-friend, all under one roof in a beautiful 3D landscape. Drive, walk and meet!

► Introductory price till May 31st. Standard price 59.99 Euro. ◄

Aura is loaded with all features you are familiar with from professional car navigation devices. Maps are stored on the phone. Comprehensive speed camera database, easy speed camera sharing and speed limit warnings protect you from speeding tickets. Lane assistant and signposts help you to stick to your route. Horizontal and vertical display changes automatically as well as day and night colors. Turn instructions come in your native language. All restaurants and petrol stations are with on your phone and it is easy to see them on the map, call and navigate there.

Realistic 3D display of buildings, streets and landscape helps you to understand the road ahead. The result is a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Now Aura takes the navigation experience to a whole new level. City guides from premium content providers and from Wikipedia complement maps and help you to get around also when not driving. Find the closest historical monument or the closest pub. Detailed descriptions will help you to choose one. All of pictures, web sites, phone numbers and user generated wiki information are on your phone.

Plus, share your location with friends and Aura will make it very easy for all of you to meet. Book a restaurant, send its location to friends and Aura will guide them to you. Use Aura to vote for the particular restaurant so that everybody is right on the track when choosing a place to go to. Use Aura to let your friends know where you are, what you do and how you like it.

All in all, Aura gets you to your destination whether by car or on feet, helps you to uncover what is around and makes it easy to meet people.

Have a look at video and more screenshots at

Maps included: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia - Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine.

Cities with 3D coverage:
Croatia: Dubrovnik, Zagreb. Czech Republic: Brno, Ostrava, Plzen, Prague. Greece: Athens, Thessaloniki. Hungary: Budapest, Debrecen. Poland: Krakov, Warsaw. Slovakia: Bratislava. Slovenia: Ljubljana, Maribor.

City guides available:
Czech Republic: Prague. Estonia: Tallinn. Greece: Athens. Hungary: Budapest. Latvia: Riga. Poland: Krakow, Warsaw. Turkey: Istanbul.

► Hint: to navigate to a point on map tap the screen while in the map and click on the red square in the center of the screen.

Enjoy and keep your suggestions coming We appreciate your contribution.

Aura. Drive, walk and meet.

© 2010 Sygic a.s.


Take a Spin

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