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Youcity 3D Map(NYC) artworkYoucity 3D Map(NYC)
YouCity Inc.

Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 18, 2009

Short Intro
Youcity NYC gives you a visually stunning 3D neighborhood. With same speed of using 2D map, our app shows you full 3D look of every building on Manhattan. It becomes so easy for you to quickly recognize the buildings around you.
Not only you can easily know where you are, by tapping the building you can easily look into the building and search for businesses, restaurants or shops along with reviews from other users. Don’t know which building the restaurant you interested belongs to? No problem, just search within the screen, we will find it. You can also see the subway stations or routes nearby.

City life is about cool events happening every day. Catch them if you can. Using Youcity to search events around you, you will never miss a single beat of the city vibration!
Whether you are a local or just visiting for the weekend, Youcity will make your NYC experience better.

Key Features
Quickly locating the Starbucks, McDonald, Pizza, Convenient Stores, Restaurants, Metro nearby

Look into the Building:
Just tap the building using your finger, you can see all the information about the building, including name, address, businesses & events inside

Map Navigation:
Easily navigating through the 3D map, zoom out or in and switching between 2D or 3D views

Hot events:
Show what are the hottest events happening in the city. Share your comments, pictures & videos with other people.

My calendar:
Track those events you are interested in and manage your time.

You can search business, events and any building in the city or around you.

© YouCity Inc.


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