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Where Are You ? artworkWhere Are You ?

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Release Date: September 20, 2009

Where Are You is used to record the location of the target object,
it is also used to view the distance and direction from the current location to the target object.
The target object can be set up, it can be set from the position on the map of GOOGLE,it can be the current position, it can also be
through the accuracy of the information to specify the latitude and longitude, and can be targeted for the preservation of the title and description, easy to manage.
you can record a place, and you can see the distance and direction from here. you also can know your speed, your direction and your information of the latitude and longitude.

WhereAreYou provide three ways to display the current position and target location relationship:

1. Compass. You can clearly see the direction and distance. If the target object is your lover, your car, your house, etc., then you know the distance and direction to him, it may be a very interesting thing for you . if you phone hasn’t compass function(not 3GS),you can slide through the dial on the screen to adjust. the target direction will be adjusted.

2. Map. Through GOOGLE map, you can clearly see the current location and target location. Provide a map to zoom in , zoom out and display the best to facilitate your full understanding and view.

3. Information. You can view the target Object's geographic information and Notes. More importantly, WhereAreYou also provides the location of the current comprehensive data, including latitude and longitude, speed, direction of movement and so on.

if you get WhereAreYou,you can do :

1. To maintain an unlimited number of target object.

2. Convenient way to add the target object.

3. Target object in relation to the distance and direction.

4. The map shows the current location and target object.

5. Current speed, direction of movement and other information.

WhereAreYou 用于记录所关注目标对象的所处位置,并且可以方便的查看这个目标对象相对于当前位置的距离及方向。


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