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HongKong Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Metro Map 香港, 北京, 上海, 深圳地铁线路图 artworkHongKong Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Metro Map 香港, 北京, 上海, 深圳地铁线路图
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Release Date: July 29, 2009

香港, 北京, 上海, 深圳 地铁线路图

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HongKong Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Metro Map includes four cities copyrighted metro map in one app, support both iPhone and iPod Touch. All the subway stations' names are both in Chinese and in English.

These four cities are the most developed cities in China.

About Hong Kong, from wikipedia

"Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港), officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is one of the world's leading financial capitals and a major business and cultural hub. The English-language name "Hong Kong" is an approximate phonetic rendering of the Hakka or Cantonese name "香港", meaning "fragrant harbour" or "incense harbour".

Beijing, the capital city, is the political, educational and cultural center of China.

About Shanghai, from wikipedia

"The two Chinese characters in the name "Shanghai", (上, shàng; and 海, hǎi) literally mean "up, on, or above" and "sea", respectively, evident of Shanghai's location next to the East China Sea.... Today, Shanghai is mainland China's center for commerce and finance, and has been described as the "showpiece" of the world's fastest-growing economy."

Shenzhen (Chinese: 深圳; pinyin: Shēn zhèn) is a city of sub-provincial administrative status in southern China's Guangdong province, situated immediately north of Hong Kong.

Two stations of Shenzhen's metro system are shown in the hongkong metro map, please see the screenshots.

**** No network support needed
**** Support pan & pinch, one finger double tap to zoom in, two finger single tap to zoom out.

Handy companion for traveling around these popular cities!
Enjoy the trip!

Any questions or suggestions, kindly send email to, thanks.


包括四个城市的地铁图,支持iPhone和iPod Touch.
支持两指缩放, 双击放大, 两指同时点击缩小

旅行最佳伴侣, 愿您旅途愉快!

任何问题或建议, 请发送到, 谢谢

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