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Super Camera 2: ALL-IN-1 artworkSuper Camera 2: ALL-IN-1

Price: $0.99
Release Date: February 23, 2010

- Added 10 amazing frames
- Added anti-shake gauge
- Improved the algorithm of flash control
- Improve UI
How many camera apps do you have on your iPhone? One? Tow? Three? Even more?
Now only ONE will be enough. Super Camera will cover everything you need and more than all your cameras have done.


* 25 Photo Filters
* 15 Photo Frames (update!)
* Up to 4x Digital Zoom
* 3 Burst Shots
* Self-Timer: 5~20 seconds delay for self-taking pictures
* Anti-Shake: stable shooting with the gravity sensor
* Anti-Shake Gauge (new!)
* Tap to Focus
* Full Screen Shutter
* Full Screen Viewfinder
* Guide Lines: 3x3 grid for better shots
* Flash: Control bar up to +- 3 EV (Exposure Value)
* Battery State
* 4 Resolution Options: S 480x320, M 900x600, L 1500x1000, RAW
* Scompatible with iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch
(Since you don't have camera function on your device you can only open your saved photos rather than take a photo)


* Black & White
* Natural Gray: adapted for human eyes' color sensitivity.
* Red Tone
* Green Tone
* Blue Tone
* Sketch
* Emboss
* Rain Drops: Unique filter only for Super Camera.
* Oil Painting
* Frosted Glass
* Natural Sepia
* Sepia
* Sepia+
* Lomo Sepia
* Lomo(Vignetting): reduces light at the edge.
* HDR: allows greater dynamic range of illuminance.
* HDR Night
* Contrast+
* Color+
* Bloom: makes glow effect on bright objects.
* Bloom Night
* Sharpen Night
* Sharpen: enhances detail and makes images more sharp
* Blur
* Soft Light


* For Night Uses: HDR Night, Bloom Night, Sharpen Night
* For Portrait: Lomo Sepia, Lomo, Soft Light
* For Landscape: HDR, Contrast+, Color+, Oil Painting
* For More Pleasure: Sketch, Rain Drops, Emboss, Frosted Glass


* White Boarder
* Black Boarder
* Lined Glass: Semi-transparent glass border with white line.
* Rounded
* Rough: brushes the edge with rough black.

The followings are not bugs:
1. Long processing time to apply Bloom, Oil Painting, or Frosted Glass Filter
2. 3 burst shots saved with no filter, no frame and no resolution option for faster processing. You can load the images from photo library and apply filter or frame on them.

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Take a Spin

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