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Photographers Contract Maker artworkPhotographers Contract Maker
MIchael The Maven

Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 17, 2010

Michael The Maven Presents: "Photographer's Contract Maker" App

Introductory Price- For a Limited Time Only $2.99!

- Create, Edit, Sign and Email 1 Page Photography Contracts from your iPhone!! Go paperless, reduce clutter, and streamline your contract organization!

What Beta Testers are saying:

"This is a game changer. No more carrying stacks of paper to shoots or client meetings. " - Darren W

"A must have for all pro and semi-pro photographers." - Paul R

"I loved the customization features. The placeholders are HUGE. Flexible enough for anyone needing one page contracts to use. Awesome job!" - Cyndi C

"Brilliant! Michael has done it again!" - John S


- Comes with 4 great starter photography sample contracts:

1. Photo Shoot Contract
2. Model Release
3. Copyright Release
4. 2nd Shooter- Work for Hire

- "Settings" screen allows photographer to enter all of his/her information, including signature. This information is automatically embedded into templates. (Edit and Change your info at anytime.)
- Add, Manage, & Sync "Client" List to and from iPhone Contact list.
- "Auto Embed" Feature automatically inserts Photographers and Clients Information into template contracts. (This is a huge time saver, all you need to do is select which client you want. App will feed their info from your iPhone contact list).
- Select Date (Dual Feature Selection) and Time of Shoot
- Shoot Date and Time - Automatically embedded into each contract with shoot data fields.
- Create New Client Contracts (Unlimited)
- Create New Contract Templates (Up to 12)
- Edit Current Contract Templates, including "Add", "2x" (Duplicate), "Edit" and "Delete"
- Edit Single Draft Contracts (Allows you to change parts of a new contract without effecting a template)
- Clients can "Sign" and "Resign" using their finger on touch sensitive screen.
- Contracts are converted to PDF documents which you can then archive by emailing to yourself and/or your client.
- "Saved" Contracts allows you to access previously saved contracts, signed or unsigned.
- Unsigned Contracts can be signed later.
- "Placeholders" allow users to create their own custom templates and still have auto-embedding features! (Wow!!)
- Save and Email Unsigned Contracts
- Works in Horizontal and Vertical Modes
- Contact your Clients from your "Client List"
- Trash Bin, allows you to recycle or empty deleted contracts and templates

For More Information, tips and tricks, or to make suggestions for future updates please visit:

© Michael The Maven


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