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Live FX (create and apply your own, shareable effects to live camera view - in real-time!) artworkLive FX (create and apply your own, shareable effects to live camera view - in real-time!)
Nick Drabovich

Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 26, 2010

 Featured by Apple in What's Hot! 

5th release of Live FX - LIVE VIEW with effects! The broadest (more then 500 with 10 layers) selection of beautiful, adjustable photo effects (flash, square crop, frames, radial blur, date stamp, signature, b&w, sepia), custom effect sharing, full photo size (2048x1536px) support, quick and easy Email/Facebook/Twitpic uploads.

"Highly recommended!","one of my best purchases", "beautiful and stunning results","super tasty app", "Innovative presentation & execution!" - user reviews.

Live FX for iPhone/iPod Touch allows you to easily create and apply thousands of unique photo effects in a new way of filter stacking/layering, using iPhone camera to preview all effect live. It has never been easier to share created filters between users - simply copy/paste a special code automatically generated for any combination of effects.

Swipe button row to scroll for more filters, and shake iPhone/iPod to to get new random combo, when random filter is set on.

You can select up to 10 out of 30+ basic effects and save this combination as a custom effect. After that it is very easy to combine your newly created effect with any other filters in any sequence. This approach gives you a fantastic possibilities to create your own, unique photo effects.

Here is the best part - ability to copy and paste codes of created effects. Imagine you have created an amazing combination of effects and want to share it with other users. With Live FX it is easy - simply copy filter code to the clipboard to send via email or text message. You can also put a signature with that code on the image itself.

Image size options - full (2048x1536px or 3564x3052px with wide frame), medium(800x600), wallpaper (320x480).

Live FX includes the following features:

 Date stamp, copyright signature
 Flash, Zoom, Lomo, Sepia, Black&White, Inverse, Frames (light and dark, thin and wide), Vignette (dark and light)
 Unique random effect generator - shake iPhone to get a new variation out of carefully selected range
 Two-color effects: black + red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, orange, purple
 Three-color effects: black and white + red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, orange, purple, red&white&blue
 Radial Blur - highlights objects in a center by blurring other image parts
 Square Crop of image center
 Automatically save unprocessed original photo (with correct orientation).
 Take photos or load images from library.
 Easily send photos to Facebook, Twitter (via TwitPic) or email (with different jpeg compressions)
 …and more!

A quick help reference is available within the app. The app has been thoroughly tested to ensure you have fun while creating your next photo masterpiece.

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© Nick Drabovich


Take a Spin

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