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Price: Free
Release Date: September 26, 2009

It’s a digital jungle out there!

Great new ‘apps’ are popping up left, right & centre - that’s why we have created itikkit iPhone apps - to help you find what you’re interested in - faster!

We’ve taken the details of 250 apps & crammed them into this handy - ‘no network needed’ app.

- installs the details of 250 popular apps onto your iPhone
- browse in portrait or landscape 'appflow' mode
- text search
- browse by genre & features
- A - Z list view with app icon
- app details view with zoomable screen shots
- editable list of favourites

To see more itikkit apps go to & or search for "PB" in iTunes.

We are constantly looking to improve our apps & welcome feedback - contact us at

If you experience any issues on start-up, please erase & reinstall with a fresh download from the App Store. Or contact us at

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