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iAnonymize FREE - Hide and Share artworkiAnonymize FREE - Hide and Share
Vasyl Smyrnov

Price: Free
Release Date: April 15, 2009

Want to share a photo but would like to keep some parts of it private? With iAnonymize you can do it straight on your iPhone.

Best for hiding:

- Car plates
- Screenshots, especially of Mail and Text messages
- Faces
- Parts of documents
- And anything else.

Here's how it works:

1. Launch iAnonymize.
2. Take a photo or pick an existing one from the photo library.
3. Tap on the photo area you would like to hide.
4. Adjust the area as necessary by moving and resizing.
5. Save your new photo to the photo library.

Now you are ready to share it with friends or the public.

Additionally, you can adjust the granularity of the masking, switch between blur and solid masking and hide as many parts of the photo as you see fit.

If you like this app and find it useful, you can get the paid version which creates photos without the watermark.

© 2009 Vasyl Smyrnov


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