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taskList, a nice to-do manager artworktaskList, a nice to-do manager

Price: $1.99
Release Date: June 02, 2010

taskList is a simple, yet flexible, to-do list application. Capable enough to apply a task management system that suits your style, yet simple enough that you won't get lost spending more time making a list than doing the stuff that's on it.

taskList was created to fill the gap between too-basic, fixed to-do lists, and the pricy, prearranged, complex method apps.

Whether you want a single simple list, or many lists using priorities, projects, contexts, or more - taskList's basic system of grouping and tags allows you to manage your tasks the way you want.

◆Groups for organizing
Just keep one long simple list. Or, if you choose, create groups. Groups can be used for projects, an inbox, or time frames - whatever fits the need of your ever evolving to-do list. Hide groups with the arrow on the main list. Or, tap a group to focus it to the only list on the screen. Hit Edit to drag tasks in the order you want them to be, even between groups. Use the blue detail button at the bottom of a list to create and manage groups.

◆Tags for sorting
Use tags however you wish. Want to mark some tasks as high, medium or low priority? Simple. Like the Getting Things Done way of using contexts? Easy. Use the pull-down search area to tap on tags to have the list dynamically show what you need to see. Use the detail button on the right to create and manage tags.

◆Memos for a bit more detail
Each task can also have an additional note for longer descriptive text, a contact, a one-touch-dial phone number, or a date attached to it. The date shows a constant reminder in your list for how many days away something is, as well as enables a special tag that will show you only dated tasks, in the order they are due.

◆Additional features:
Completed task list - keeps a running list of all completed tasks
Swipe to complete - swipe a task to reveal a checkmark in the main list - so satisfying!
And, Or, Toggle - different logic preference for tags search
Multiple select - complete, move, delete or add/replace tags to many tasks at once

Combine all the above in your own way to keep stuff under control, out of your head, and eradicate the stress of remembering what you need to do. Put it all in taskList, so it is always just a tap away.

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