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Note Square artworkNote Square

Price: $0.99
Release Date: May 15, 2010

Note Square is the most advanced note application, which integrates note composing and ToDo management.

*** Special Sale : $3.99 -> $0.99 until June 30th. ***

Notes and Folders are managed easily by Tree Hierachy Structure.
One can organize all the data intuitively, similar to a desktop computer.
Robust ToDo functions are integrated seamlessly into note functions.
Variety of themes, icons and colors are available to personalize documents.
One can easily scroll, zoom and swipe notes and folders based on multi-touched user interface.

The user can organize his/her idea, manage schedule and send email anywhere, anytime.
Pictures and photos can be inserted to your note document to create beautiful themes.

With Note Square, one will never forget the smallest ideas or appointments.
There's no need to line up all the folders on top of the page any more.
As data gets larger, the Tree Structured management system will become more useful.

Forget all the note applications from now on.
Note Square will open up a whole new world in data management.

Major Features.
<Convenient Note Composing>
- Font and Font Size can be changed freely
- Various beautiful themes are supported.
- Pictures and Photes are availabe in note document.
- Robust Redo/Undo supported- Cut/Copy/Paste supported.
- Note can be directly sent to email.
<Document Management using Tree Hierachy Structure>
- Folder can hold folders by Tree Structure.
- Incremental Searching supported through not a single folder but the entire folders.
- Many types of Browse Modes supported.
- You can jump from one folder to another very quickly.
- Folder Protection using Passcode
- Several kind of Sorting supported.
- In Browse Mode, all data can be easily viewed and edited.
<Intuitive and Convenient User Interface>
- Very interesting and enjoyable usage.
- Note Square automatically save and returns to your previous work session when it restarts.
- In most cases, both Horizontal and Vertical Modes are supported.
- Intuitive Data management using multi-touch, zoom and swipe.
- 4 Level Priority
<ToDo List fully integrated with Note>
- You can check ToDo in not just a single folder but all folders.
- Perfect Integration between ToDo and Note.
- Powerful Monthly Calendar Supported.
- 'DueDate' and 'Done' available.

- iPhoneOS 3.0 or Above.- iPhone/iPod Touch
- Passcode Protection
- Powerful Backup Supported

We promise to support more powerful and covenient functions through continuous effort in the future.

© 2010 SkyTree


Take a Spin

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