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Price: Free
Release Date: February 09, 2010

Stop forgetting. No pills required.

iRemind allows you to quickly create a reminder on your iPhone or iPod Touch. With just a few taps you save an event that will trigger notifications on your phone using Apple Push Notification Service.

You can use it for one time events or recurring ones. You can choose if you want to activate snooze and how many minutes or hours an event can snooze. Define pre-alerts and choose custom ringtones. With a custom sound you'll know you received an ireminder the second you hear it.

Timezone integration. Whenever you change your timezone in the iPhone just launch iRemind and all your reminders will be adjusted to your current time zone.

Google Calendar integration. Set reminders for events from your Outlook, iCal or iPhone calendar. Read the tutorial from our website.

Custom ringtones. Choose a custom ringtone from 10 custom ringtones we offer you. Are you a fan of the TV hit series 24? We've got two perfect ringtones for you. You can also listen to our ringtones in our website.

Pre-alerts. If you want to be notified few minutes, hours, days, weeks or months before the actual reminder now you can.

Visit the application website for more details and usage tutorials.

Starting with version 1.4 iRemind is free. The free version has all the features activated. You can test everything before deciding to buy it. The only limitation is that you are allowed to save only 10 reminders. Recurring reminders are also deactivated for the free version. You can save a reminder as recurring but it will only trigger one notification.

To get unlimited reminders go into Settings and purchase the in-app activation package.

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