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MF Software

Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 24, 2009

Top Rated Apps is an application that lets you browse only the BEST apps in the iTunes App Store, online or OFFLINE, search by name or PRICE and save FAVORITES to a list for purchase later!


* Only displays top rated apps
* Lets you browse apps while offline
* Lets you search for apps at any pricepoint
* Easy Favorites management
* App browsing history

* Praise From Reviewers of Top Rated Apps *

"Top Rated Apps makes it easier to find applications that are worth downloading...it takes all of the grief out of this process for you."

"This is an astonishing app, it makes it so much quicker and easier to find top rated apps...you would be foolish not to install it."

"Browsing on the iPhone for apps is becoming a real pain in the butt, and that's where Top Rated Apps comes in."


Our editors have reviewed literally thousands of apps on the store, and included over 900 apps (including over 300 games!) that YOU the users have rated on average 3 1/2 stars or higher (you can also limit the display to apps 4-star and up). No more do you have to browse through hundreds of 2-star apps (*cough* Lifestyle and Entertainment apps *cough* *cough*) to find the few gems; instead, we've collected hundreds and hundreds of the best apps as rated by YOU the users in one powerful app! We've organized the Top Rated Apps by category, so you can browse them just like you would in the App Store.

The great thing is, the large database of apps we've assembled is stored *in the application itself* instead of being downloaded from the internet during use like in most other app store browsing apps. So, you can browse app details OFFLINE! This is perfect for your iPod Touch when you aren't near wifi - or for when you are on your iPhone on an airplane - or anywhere you don't have a fast connection.

If browsing apps isn't enough, a search field is also built-in, that lets you search not only by app name, but by price - so you can search for all apps at a given pricepoint!

Finding all these great apps wouldn't be any good if you couldn't build a list of your favorites for later. So we've built in an easy way to add apps you like to a Favorites tab, so that you can add apps NOW and then decide which ones to buy LATER. No more forgetting which apps you liked, and having to look for them all over again.

Plus, more updates and features are already planned!

FOLLOW US: Keep up with the new features and updates in the works, as well as our other apps, on Twitter: twitter.com/MFSoftware

NOTE: Because the apps database (with pricing, descriptions, etc) is all contained within the application, all app prices are listed in USD.

CONTACT US: To let us know about suggestions, features, or bugs, email us at support@mfsoftwareonline.com. And if you like Top Rated Apps, please write a review - it encourages us to keep adding new features!

© 2008 Matthew Formica


Take a Spin

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