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Elemental (PToE) artworkElemental (PToE)

Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 08, 2010

Full support for iOS 4 w/Multitasking (in review)
Elemental PToE - The Periodic Table of Elements, in your pocket. Featuring a built-in web browser and 24 data points per element. Select from one of five web sites to use. Customizable Tabs so you can configure it to meet your needs. Fast and responsive full table view. Included quick start guide ("i").

Now includes In App email for a single element, the entire dataset and quick reference table images.
Built-in, fully functional web browser so you never have to leave the app.
Table view allows full zoom (IN and OUT) and offers normal detail view or direct access to the built-in web browser.
Saved state for Tab bar (should be a given but many apps do not do this).
Five pre-configured source web sites (choose the one YOU want to use):
* Mobile Wikipedia
* Chemical Elements
* Web Elements
* Periodic Table
* ChemiCool
Five sort orders:
* Name
* Number
* Type
* Symbol
* State

Data included for Elements:
Artificial, Atomic weight, Atomic number, Boiling point, Type, Discovered, Electronegativity, Group, Ions, Melting point, Name, Neutrons, Period, Symbol, Discovery year, Density, Radioactive, CAS registry number, State, Block, Crystal, Electrons per shell, Atomic radius, Covalent radius.

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