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Legal Heat: 50 State Guide To Firearm Laws artworkLegal Heat: 50 State Guide To Firearm Laws
App Ventures, LLC.

Price: $1.99
Release Date: November 17, 2009

Legal Heat: 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws Now Features:
• Concealed carry laws for all 50 states including prohibited areas, reciprocity and reverse reciprocity MAPS, special notes, rating based on state’s friendliness towards CC, and statute citations for your reference.
• Open carry laws for all 50 states including prohibited areas, minimum age to OC, each state’s constitutional provision for the right to bear arms, rating based on state’s friendliness towards OC.
• Transport law section including interstate transport, national park carry, BLM land, reservations, airports, Canada, Mexico, AMTRAK, shall vs. may issue states, castle doctrine, and much more!
• Attorney General contact info for all 50 states
• “Notify us of changes in the law” button. With one click users can now inform us of any changes in the law that they come across and feel we should know.
• “Suggest Legal Heat to a friend” button. The more people using Legal Heat the better it gets and more verified its information becomes. Thus far we have invested 100% of the money made from sales back into the app, and we will continue to do so until we’ve got an app that even the most critical owner would be proud of.
• A very user-friendly interface. We didn’t just copy and paste hundreds of pages of statutes in a difficult to read format. We have provided a plain language guide that allows for a quick reference but also cites the statutes so you can perform any in depth research you feel prudent.

Come see why Legal Heat is the most downloaded, highest rated, most used, and all around best mobile resource for firearm owners on the market! Just read a few of our 5-star reviews:

“Awesome app! Use it every week. This was the first app to have the update for national parks three days after it was law and one of the MANY reasons I value it.” (v2.0)

“Better and Better. Legal Heat gets better and better with each release, keep up the good work!” (v.2.0)

“Very thorough….This app is a must have for all 2nd Amendment advocates!” (v.2.0)

“Awesome app!!!! This app provides you with all the relevant info about carry laws that you need to know. It is not meant to be a legal treatise – but a convenient and accurate guide to the differing concealed carry laws among the states. By far the best concealed carry app out there!” (v.1.4)

“Fantastic. This is amazingly useful.” (v. 1.1)

“Great App. I just took a class from the guys that put this app together and it is very helpful….Thanks for the great class and for the great app.” (v.1.1)

DISCLAIMER: Although the authors make efforts to keep the app up to date with current law it is not meant to be legal advice of any kind or to be relied on for legal counsel. It is up to each individual to seek out and obtain competent legal advice prior to carrying a firearm anywhere where they are not familiar with the laws and the authors accept no liability for any mistakes or differing interpretations found in this application.

Developed in conjunction with Utah Legal Heat, App Ventures, LLC, and

Feel free to stop in at any of our websites, or drop us a line from the application. Thanks again for your purchase we are certain you'll be very happy.

© Utah Legal Heat


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