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Share My Music artworkShare My Music
N. Adam

Genre:Social Networking
Price: Free
Release Date: March 04, 2010


-Add your own playlists
-Watch YouTube videos
-Much more info of your music(similar artists,video clips,biography)
-Different UI
-Send e-mails

Go in your Settings first. Scroll down to Share My Music and switch the "Display Music Info" switch ON.

Looking for a way to share the music what you're listening to?
You're using Twitter or FaceBook or both? Do you want to watch videos of your songs on YouTube?
You're on a great place, with Share My Music it's never been easier.

With it's beautiful interface and capabilities you will love using it.

Share with your friends on FaceBook what you're listening to. Added link to the iTunes Store,so if they like it they can download it.
Post your tweets with your music info.
Watch videos of your songs without leaving Share My Music.
Control your music.

More updates coming soon!

© N.Adam


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