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Pushme.to Lite: instant text and images artworkPushme.to Lite: instant text and images
Treebune s.r.l.

Genre:Social Networking
Price: Free
Release Date: March 01, 2010

Note: Lite version is not yet updated to v.2.0 (will probably be soon)!
Please get the full version to get the real-time communication with the web users.

Pushme.to Lite is fully functional version of Pushme.to app, a messenger made to send free messages from the web to iPhone/iPod Touch.
Exchange free messages with images with your friends using iPhone/iPod Touch, don't pay for SMS or MMS, send both from iPhone or from computer. To send from web, your party just types their message on http://pushme.to/nickname, on your web widget or Facebook profile.

What do I get with this Lite version compared to Full version? Everything! Facebook application, web widgets, personal page, unlimited number of messages, unlimited images storage.

Why is it better than SMS?

✔ No charges per message, international or not
✔ Attach multiple images from web or iPhone/iPod Touch
✔ Delivered on the screen but via Internet - even without network coverage with Wi-Fi

Why is it better than competing iPhone messengers?

✔ The sender is not required to own an iPhone or even a phone to send you instant messages
✔ Get a cool pushme.to/name personal page and widget to put on your site or Facebook
✔ Read and write messages online using your computer and full size keyboard when you want to
✔ Access and backup the images received via Pushme.to on your computer

Why is it better than email?

✔ No need to reveal your number or address
✔ Put the widget on any sites, forums or auctions, safely
✔ Much faster sending and instant delivery

Why is it better that instant messengers?

✔ No login/logout waiting
✔ No user lists, no online/offline statuses
✔ Nobody will bother you just because you're online

Questions or feedback? Follow us on twitter @pushmeto.

© 2010 Treebune s.r.l.


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Zath (blog)

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Zath (blog)
At first I questioned the necessity of this application, after all, iPhone users already have SMS and various instant messaging and social networking clients (including Facebook and Twitter) on the App Store right? After using it for a while, however ...

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